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His Legacy. 

Our Why.

Our Why
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The Bill Gary Foundation was established to honor the life and legacy of William B. Gary, Jr. The foundation will provide monetary scholarship to high school athletes who are no longer able to pursue their collegiate athletic path due to injury.

The Bill Gary Scholarship

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John Patron

Cole Lipinski

The scholarship is awarded annually on May 1.
Official Application Deadline To Be Determined

How to Apply 


Complete student questionnaire HERE


Submit personal statement, including how this scholarship will benefit you on your educational journey.


Submit 2 references- (one must be current school professional-coach, teacher, administrator)


Scholarship Decision by The Bill Gary Foundation Board

The Leadership: Meet the Board

Tanya Gary Headshot.jpg

Tanya Gary

Founder & Executive Director


Dr. Brian C. Gary, Sr.

Director of Philanthropy


Helen G. Gary

Director of Corporate Relations

The Scholarship
The Board

Pearl B. Khan

Director of Finance


Whitley Handy

Community Liaison

Jeanette Johnson Headshot.jpg

Jeanette Johnson

Chief Compliance Officer


Ned Whiting

Director of Compliance


Donate to The Bill Gary Foundation

To give financial support to the foundation,
choose a DONATION amount below
or send WIRE REQUEST email
 to and instructions will be provided.

Register for Cook-Off or Car Show HERE
Select an item ($)

We can't wait to see you on April 22!


  • Who is eligible?
    A high school senior athlete, that has been recently injured and no longer able to play sports due to injury sustained.
  • How much is the scholarship?
    Each recipient will receive $1000. Number of recipients will be based on annual donations.
  • How do I apply?
    i. Complete Student Questionnaire ii. Submit Personal Statement, including how this scholarship will benefit the educational journey. iii. Submit 2 references- (one must be current school professional- i.e. coach, teacher, or administrator) iv. Scholarship Decision by The Bill Gary Foundation Board
  • Is this scholarship recurring?
    This is a one-time scholarship awarded senior year of high school.
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